Health & Safety

Huyton Asphalt Ltd considers Corporate Responsibility as a high priority in the Company work ethics. We endeavour to constantly monitor and review our moral, ethical and legal obligations relating Health, Safety and the Environment.

Huyton Asphalt prides itself on its approach to Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE) and prioritises HSE throughout all of the Company’s activities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of not just its own employees but its customers, contractors and the general public.

We believe that Safety is a 360 degree process involving all employees and Directors throughout the Company at all levels and in all activities.

We employ a proactive HSE Team that endeavours to not only comply with all HSE legislation but goes that extra step to exceed it and set our own high Company standards.

Our in-house HSE Manager holds Nebosh and Tech IOSH Membership.

At Huyton Asphalt a Health Screening programme is operated to ensure all employees are fit to work.