“The works on Wood Lane are going really well and I’ve not received any complaints. My thanks to everyone concerned for a job well done”

Cllr Pauline Walton, Labour Councillor for Belle Vale Ward, Liverpool City Council


Huyton Asphalt Civils was appointed by Liverpool City Council to complete essential maintenance and improvement works as part of the Better Roads Programme for Wood Lane and Key Route Network maintenance and enhancement works for Caldway Drive. The surrounding residential area comprised of a high number of cul-de-sacs
and with the main route in and out of the estate depending on access via Wood Lane and Caldway Drive, this meant any road closures would have a significant impact on the local community. The use of public transport in the area was high with a large dependence on the
bus network for a significant number of the local community. Disruption to the bus route was therefore a huge issue for the residents and local authority and a key consideration during the design of the project.

7700m2of resurfaced carriageway in the latest innovative low carbon HALO products on Wood Lane
130m2of new footway paving

The scale of the works required the following key elements:
• Bus stop reconstruction
• Carriageway level adjustment
• Drainage upgrade including full survey, repair and installation
• Upgraded pedestrian crossings
• Resurfacing the carriageway
Initial plans required closure of the road but following close consultation with the local community (including two public events), the project plan was revised to carry out the works without impacting access and to minimise disruption wherever possible. To maintain traffic flow and ensure public transport was unaffected, a 500m Convoy TM system was employed on Wood Lane. Traffic was led by a Huyton Asphalt vehicle maintaining a safe speed and distance from the workforce – enabling the works and the day-to-day activity on the carriageway to coexist. For the resurfacing element of the works, our innovative low carbon recycled material, HALO, was laid. This enabled a reduced lead time which ensured the road could remain open as well as demonstrating our commitment to
the environment and innovation. HALO is rubber-modified asphalt that incorporates recycled tyres combined with warm mix asphalt technology to provide an environmentally sustainable asphalt with a reduced carbon footprint.

• 1 new pedestrian crossing
• 3 pedestrian crossings improved
• 7 bus stops improved
• 20m of drainage & extensive investigation and pipe repair
• 100m2 of new footway paving
• 130m of new kerbs
• 1000m of resurfaced carriageway in the latest innovative low carbon HALO products on Wood Lane
We adapted our processes in order to continue works during the Covid-19 pandemic and the project was completed in May 2020.