As part of the ongoing drive for sustainability and innovation, Huyton Asphalt has installed HALO base and binders on 25 schemes in the North West.

16,643.78tHALO laid
93.58tCO2 saved
3,159.21tRAP which equates to an average of 18.98%
65.34Cars off the road
794,500.28km saved
2,126.04full journeys travelling the M6


The HALO family of products also includes RubberPave/+ which incorporates recycled tyres combined with Huyton Asphalt’s HALO low carbon material to provide an environmentally sustainable asphalt with a reduced carbon footprint. RubberPave/+ has been laid on 6 schemes.

6,798.22tHALO RubberPave laid
34.97tCO2 saved
6,798Tyres used