The first new housing development in UK to roll out rubber roads


Morris Homes is one of the country’s largest privately owned house builders. The site in Lostock Hall required surfacing installation and HALO accredited installers, Huyton Asphalt, was appointed. HALO’s rubber modified asphalt was provided throughout the project in a move that made these the first ‘rubber roads’ in a new housing development.


HALO’s Rubber Pave product enable old tyres to be converted into new roads and footpaths to provide an environmentally sustainable asphalt with a reduced carbon footprint. Performance testing has found that that the use of the rubber mechanically restricts crack propagation and that it provides some low grade PMB flexibility benefits. In addition, HALO Rubber Pave provides similar performance characteristics to those required from a 50 pen SMA and provides superior performance in terms of restricting crack propagation.