The purpose of this scheme was to address the surface deterioration and end-of-life pavement on the M60 Junction 20 anti-clockwise entry slip road.


Huyton Asphalt worked closely with the design team during the initial planning phases of the scheme to provide insight and input on the approach to the scheme. This was the first in the North west to use the HALO™ Rubber Pave+ reflecting a commitment to innovation and sustainability by using this carbon-saving product using recycled tyres. Huyton Asphalt was Principle Contractor on the works. The scheme involved:

•Pre-design site survey and feedback

•Liaison with Design team to develop efficient cost effective solution and programme

•Liasion with other CWF Contractors to build programme

•Planing of the carriageway

•Application of bond coat

•install HALO Rubber pave+ x 40mm

•White lining



•3.15tCo2 saved

•26, 249.70 Km driving

•2.16 Cars off the road

1.52 Times around the world

•617.4 Recycled tyres used